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Supergirl Episode Guide: Season 5, Episode 1 - Event Horizon

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It has been one month since Lena learned Kara's secret identity and she is out for revenge against everyone who lied to her. Selling CatCo Worldwide Media to a fellow tech magnate who considers Pulitzer Prize winning journalism to be a detriment is only the first step in a plan to hurt Kara the same way she hurt Lena.

As James copes with his sudden demotion from Editor In Chief, Kelly and Alex and Nia and Brainy settle into to their newfound romantic relationships. And the team faces an alien shape-shifter with a grudge against J'onn, who is able to summon another of J'onn's old enemies from The Phantom Zone.


Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (subplot involving a new owner more concerned with hype than real journalism), the Rebirth Superwoman series (character of M1dn1ght)  and the Martian Manhunter comics of John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake.


J'onn says he would be able to sense if the alien telepath menacing them were a White Martian. Why can't he sense that it's a Green Martian? (Presumably this has something to do with the psychic attack Malefic unleashes when John gets close?)

Where does Kara keep her glasses in her new costume when she isn't wearing them?

How DO Brainy, Dreamer and Guardian change into costume and get to Midnight before Alex can run there in heels?


Both Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath sell the hell out of their respective speeches about the value of their friendship.


The special effects work for Kara's new Super-Suit is of cinematic quality.

Super Trivia

The Supergirl log in this episode slowly pixelates into view, much like Kara's new Super-Suit.

It is revealed that Lena uses virtual-reality to run simulations where she can kill Supergirl as a means of stress relief. Lex Luthor did something similar in the Superman: Doomsday animated movie, but Lex created imperfect clones of Superman.

The plotline of a new owner pushing a news organization to hype scandal over real news was also a major part of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.

Andrea Rojas is based on a Mexican superhero from the Superman comics. First appearing in Superman Annual #12, Andrea Rojas was Acrata and had the power to teleport through shadows thanks to her possession of an ancient Mayan symbol. She was also a talented martial artist and detective, who was said to be the Batman of Mexico City, though she did not work with the local authorities and indeed had a deep disrespect for them. She was also the daughter of a former politician, who became a professor of pre-Hispanic cultures at the University of Metropolis campus in Mexico City.

The Arrowverse version of Andrea Rojas has not yet shown any signs of having superpowers. Far from an anti-authority rebel, she is a scion to a large tech company and has just taken over the Obsidian North operation, which oversees all the virtual and augmented reality aspects of Obsidian's business. She also now owns CatCo Worldwide Media and has made herself Editor In Chief of the magazine, ousting James Olsen.

Midnight is based on a character from the Superwoman comics called M1dn1ght. First appearing in Superwoman #15, M1dn1ght was a computer code created by Lena Luthor that was meant to free her should she ever become trapped in an extra-dimensional prison. With this accomplished, M1dn1ght began to wonder if she could justify her existence having accomplished her one purpose in existence. This spurred her to create her own body from the virtual world of code (i.e. The Void)  and enter the physical world. Still programmed to obey Lena Luthor, M1dn1ght sought to free herself by bonding with Superwoman and taking over her body.

Brainy makes mention of an alien race called the Farfarmniflatch.  Monstergirl, from the comic Young Heroes In Love, was a Farfarmniflatch. All Farfarmniflatches have the power to shape-shift.

Brainy also mentions the poisonous prison pits of Takron-Galtos. In the classic DC Comics universe, Takron-Galtos is a planet that was transformed into a maximum security prison for the worst criminals in existence. It exists in the 20th century and is still around during the time of the Legion of Superheroes.

The Arrowverse version of Midnight is said to be an alien of unknown origins who joined with the White Martians in their war on the Green Martians, caring nothing for their politics - only wanting a chance to kill as many beings as possible. J'onn says that her powers were fueled by death and he cannot remember how he defeated her, though she blames him for trapping her in the Phantom Zone.

Both versions of Midnight have the ability to create energy-voids that destroy whatever they touch. With enough focus, they can both create small black holes capable of crushing anything. They can also create portals that allow them to teleport through space.

While not yet identified by name, the Green Martian who claims to be J'onn's brother is identified in the credits as Malefic J'onzz. First appearing in Martian Manhunter #0 in 1998, it was revealed that Malefic was responsible for killing the Green Martian race, having created a psychic plague that killed anyone who used their telepathy to commune with the Martian Great Mind. Malefic was spared this, having been born without telepathy, or so he thought. In truth, Malefic was stripped of his telepathy as punishment for attempting to psychically rape his sister-in-law and had all memory of his crimes erased.

The Arrowverse version of Malefic has a similar hatred of his brother, but also hates their father for reasons that have yet to be explained. Malefic seems to possess telepathic powers, inflicting a psychic paralysis on J'onn unlike anything he had ever felt before.


Lena has created an artificial intelligence she has named Hope, who offers "assistance without ambition, drama or ego."

Obsidian North is beta-testing a line of augmented reality contact lenses which makes the wearer's eyes glow silver.

Kelly Olsen's new job with Obsidian North involves using their virtual reality technology to treat patients with dementia and PTSD.

Kryptonian spacecraft use anti-matter to propel themselves. The engine from even a small one, like the rocket that carried Superman to Earth as a baby, can be transformed into a bomb with the proper resources and knowledge. Such a bomb could destroy three whole solar systems.

One of Obsidian North's VR projects is a virtual gym that allows the user to work out in several exotic environments.

A Kryptonian anti-matter engine could also be used to build a make-shift Phantom Zone projector.

Rather than just repair Kara's cape, Brainy creates a microscopic motion activator, which he attaches to her glasses. From now on, the act of hurriedly jerking her glasses off will activate a stream of nanites that will build a costume around Kara. The new costume has pants and can be dissolved by Kara putting her glasses back on.

Dialogue Triumphs

(After Kara and Alex are less than helpful in settling their argument over the greatest villain in movie history.)
Nia: Well, I guess you'll just have to accept that I'm right.
Brainy: Hmm. This Earth custom that the girlfriend is always right is illogical and frustrating, but I can assimilate.

Brainy: This is no time for sarcasm, however dry or well-crafted!

Kara: Lena. What are you doing back here?
Lena: Okay, you caught me. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I'm the one who's gonna introduce you. I couldn't miss an opportunity to tell the world how wonderful you are.
Kara: No, no, I Lena, I can't let you do this, I don't deserve it.
Lena: Are you kidding me? Me more than anyone knows how much you deserve it. I saw how you risked your life to expose Lex's crimes-
Kara: I'm Supergirl.
(Lena looks uncharacterisically surprised. Kara takes off her glasses, her breath quickening, clearly holding back the tears.)
Kara: I've always been Supergirl. I should've told you so long ago, I know that. But I just kept making excuses because you've been hurt so many times and... I convinced myself that I was protecting you. And then one day, you were so angry with me... with, with Supergirl. But you still loved Kara. I just kept thinking... if I could be Kara, just Kara... that I could keep you as a friend. (Kara sighs.)
Kara:I was selfish and scared, and I didn't wanna lose you, so I kept pretending, and I never stopped.
(Kara sniffles and is on the verge of tears.)
Kara: Every time I kept my secret from you, I wasn't... protecting you, I was hurting you, just like everyone else, and I am so, so sorry.
Kara: (softer) I am so sorry.
(Lena just stares at Kara.)
Kara: Please say something
(Lena's lips part, but before she can speak...)
Usher: Ms. Luthor? You're on in two minutes.
Kara: Lena...?
(Lena walks away, leaving Kara to start crying.)

Lena: The world is full of liars. People who hide things from us. People who manipulate and control us. I should know. Some of the best liars in the world are members of my own family. But in my life, there was someone who always reminded me that truth was the better way. And she is the person we are here tonight to celebrate. Kara Danvers.
(The crowd applauds.)
Lena: The truth isn't easy. It's certainly not for the faint of heart. But it is something that Kara, as a journalist, has pursued relentlessly every day. And because she's so good at it, she makes it look easy. We sometimes forget that she's just like us. But forging a path to the truth isn't a piece of cake. It's more like climbing a mountain. It's arduous and painful at times, and, just like us, Kara can sometimes slip. But she always gets back up and pulls through in the end. And we're always better for her efforts. So, thank you, Kara, for reminding us that the truth is important. Even when it's not always easy to accept.

(Alex is the last to arrive in the room to confront Midnight, despite still being in her fancy dress. Dreamer, Brainy and Guardian are in full costume.)
Alex: How do you guys always change so fast?!

(Midnight begins making a black hole.)
Supergirl: Brainy, if I solar flare, can I shut that down?
Brainy: Gravitational power comes from the core. We'd have to go inside the void to do that. But why do things the hard way? J'onn?
(Brainy tosses J'onn a pair of power-inhibitor hand-cuffs.  J'onn phases through the crowd to get behind Midnight and places them around her wrists.)

(J'onn sees a little girl in his office.)
J'onn: Uh... Are you lost?
(The little girl turns around and speaks in a male voice.) 
Malefic: No, J'onn J'onzz. I'm exactly where I should be.
(Malefic's eyes glow green and he shifts into the form of a figure in a hooded black robe.)
J'onn: You're the shapeshifter that released Midnight. What do you want from me?
Malefic: To be punished for your crimes. You may have defeated Midnight, but I'll make sure you get what you deserve.
J'onn: Why? Who are you?
Malefic: Don't pretend you don't recognize me...
(Malefic lowers his hood, revealing himself to be a Green Martian.)
J'onn: (looking confused for a moment but the confusion gives way to anger) I have no brother!
Malefic: Lies! You and Father are more evil than even I knew, but justice will prevail. I will do to you as you did to me.
J'onn: (growling) You say you're my brother? Prove it!
(The two charge each other but there's an explosion of red and green light as they meet. The psychic backblast knocks them both back and J'onn passes out.)

Hope: The file was ready to upload. Why didn't you send it, exposing Supergirl's identity to the world? Did you forgive Kara Danvers?
Lena: She betrayed me. It broke my heart. I could never forgive her.
Hope: Then I don't understand.
Lena: How could you? You're not a Luthor. We're scorpions. When someone betrays us, we sting. But I have a calling, Hope, and it's to fix mankind. I never thought Supergirl would tell me who she was, but now that she has, I have an opportunity, and I can use Supergirl to achieve my ends. That is easier to do if she believes there is trust

Dialogue Disasters

Supergirl: Pants!


The events of this episode take place roughly one month after 422.

Slattorians are a race of silver-eyed aliens whom J'onn recently discovered while working a case.

Kelly has started a new job with Obsidian North.

Obsidian North is housed in the same building as CatCo Worldwide Media.

Kelly and Alex are officially dating exclusively.

J'onn has started teaching a children's tai chi class in his spare time.

Kara still has not told Lena her secret identity.

The DEO is still trying to recapture all the metahuman prisoners Lex Luthor was holding at his Shelley Island facility.

Brainy believes the most evil villain in cinematic history is Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada. Nia says that it is Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs.  Kara thinks it is Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter. Alex thinks it is Hans Gruber from Die Hard.

Nia and Brainy have been dating for a month, but have yet to initiate any physical contact beyond a handshake.

Lena is revealed to have sold CatCo to Andrea Rojas - CEO of Obsidian North. Her first act is to demote James Olsen from Editor-In-Chief to take the job for herself, though she does plan to keep James on staff.

Lena went to the same boarding school as Andrea Rojas.

Lena claims to have sold CatCo because she needed capital for a new project. She sold the company for $1.3 billion.

Malefic was able to cause some kind of psychic paralysis in J'onn and is strong enough, in the form of a T-Rex, to rip Supergirl's cape.

Brainy offers to fix Supergirl's cape, noting that she requires it to maneuver properly when flying at high-speeds.

Obsidian's headquarters is based in Buenos Aires.

Andrea Rojas took over Obsidian North, which handles the augmented and virtual reality aspects of her father's business, after he elected to focus his efforts on space colonization.

Andrea's father apparently has a rivalry with Elon Musk, whom Andrea calls "Uncle Elon."

Andrea plans to have Obsidian technology in every household in the world within a year.

Lena's deal to sell CatCo had some very specific conditions. Lena did not want the sale announced until the same day as Kara's awards ceremony for her Pulitzer. She also promised Andrea an exclusive, world-shaking story that would be sent to her at 9 PM on the day the sale was announced. It becomes clear later that the story involved Kara being Supergirl and Lena was timing it so the news would break as Kara was accepting her award..

William Day is a renowned journalist, most recently employed by The Times of London. Andrea hires him to work for CatCo.

Andrea announces that CatCo will now be focused on getting hits over hard journalism. She specifically decries Pulitzer Prize winning articles as boring and notes that circulation went down after Kara's being honored with a Pulitzer was announced.

Somehow, Andrea got everyone currently employed at CatCo signed to three-year contracts, with non-competition clauses that will stop them from ever working for another news outlet if they quit the company before their contract expires.

The Green Martians apparently had access to the Phantom Zone. J'onn makes reference to sending Midnight there, but he has no memory of how they beat her down to manage it.

William Day rewrites Kara's articles, removing facts and making them shorter. Kara is not pleased by this and tells Andrea she will not stop trying to do real news, no matter how difficult she makes it.

Kara tells Lena that she is Supergirl, just after learning that Lena is introducing her at the Pulitzer ceremony.  This cause Lena to abort her plan to send Kara's secret identity to Andrea.

Alex is able to send Midnight back to the Phantom Zone using the make-shift projector.

Both Kara and J'onn are strong enough to briefly survive beyond the event horizon of a black hole.

James quits his job at CatCo, knowing no other media outlet will ever be able to hire him.

Kelly agrees with Alex that Hans Gruber from Die Hard is the best movie villain ever.

Brainy reveals the reason he's been avoiding physical contact with Nia is that after the events of 422 he's afraid to let his guard down and risk becoming the cold, emotionless being he became before. He also reveals the reason he thinks Miranda Priestly is the greatest movie villain is he fears becoming like her - uncaring and willing to betray those closest to her.

Malefic reveals himself as J'onn's brother but J'onn says he has no brother.

Kara gives Lena a signal watch so that she can call Supergirl if she ever needs her.

Lena tells Hope that she hasn't forgiven Kara for lying to her but that she can exploit their relationship to accomplish her goals to save humanity.

Eve Teschmacher, dressed in a waitress uniform, is jumped by someone at the end of the episode - presumably Leviathan agents.

The Bottom Line

A solid start to the season, though it does forget about the Leviathan subplot until the literal last second. Lena has been turned into a tragically sympathetic villain and Andrea Rojas is similarly wicked. The new status quo is set-up well, though there aren't that many drastic changes apart from the beginning of the end for Mehcad Brooks' time as Jimmy Olsen. Midnight is a bit underwhelming as a villain, but at lest she's defeated easily enough, though I get the feeling we'll be seeing more of her somehow. All in all, there's more good than bad here. And the new costume looks awesome, even if I do wonder where Kara keeps her glasses now.

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