Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Crosswind #4 - A Review

Somehow, Chicago hitman Cason Bennett and Seattle housewife Juniper Blue have swapped souls. Both found themselves in unfamiliar surroundings with Cason having to throw together dinner for Juniper's abusive husband and his boss and Juniper putting her cleaning skills to the test covering up a crime scene. Unfortunately, things have become even more complicated, as one of Cason's associates - a rival assassin named Cruz - just learned that Cason was sleeping with his fiancee and is out for blood...

With every passing issue, Crosswind gets better and better. Cat Stagg's beautiful photo-realistic artwork gives the series the perfect neo-noir aesthetic. Gail Simone's script is full of the dark comedy and thrilling action her fans have come to love, while deftly avoiding the usual cliches that body-swapping stories engage in (i.e. a man having to learn how to use make-up). Indeed, the end of this issue features a fascinating interview between Simone and transgender writer/actor Charles Battersby regarding those cliches and how Crosswind aspired to move past them.

The Final Analysis: 10 out of 10. A Must Read!

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