Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Flash #10 - A Review

The Flash has a new partner in the younger Wally West. Unfortunately, Wally is not as quick to think as he is to act and has started skipping school to go chasing down new super-villains like Papercut. Perhaps Wally will quickly learn the error of his ways... assuming he survives an encounter with a strange, shadowy figure...

The main plot of this issue is a solid piece of classic superhero conflict - the eager sidekick overstepping the boundaries set by his mentor. Joshua Williamson keeps the story fresh, despite its potential to be cliched. New Rogue Papercut is likewise an interesting twist on a classic superpower.

What really makes this issue interesting, however, is the hint at the return of classic Flash villain The Shade. There's enough here to suggest that Shade's characterization put forth in the classic 1990s Starman series may not be wholly forgotten but that changes are afoot for everyone's favorite shadowy gentleman thief. I look forward to seeing what Williamson does next.

The artwork for this issue is top-notch. Felipe Watanabe's kinetic style is a fine fit for The Flash and the colors by Chris Sotomayor are appropriately eye-catching. It is Oclair Albert's inks, however, that make the finished artwork pop, particularly in the sequences involving "the shadow man".

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