Saturday, November 12, 2016

Detective Comics #944 - A Review

A new gang is in Gotham but this one is unusual even by the standards of Batman's hometown. Dubbing themselves The Victim Syndicate, they promise a never-ending reign of terror until Batman unmasks himself and promises to end his war on crime. For all of the Syndicate members are indeed victims - people caught in the crossfire of various super-villain attacks on Batman over the years.

While the idea that Batman may cause more harm than good by providing costumed villains with a target has been explored before (most famously in the Batman: The Animated Series episode Trial), James Tynion IV's The Victim Syndicate puts a unique spin on the idea by focusing on the very people Batman and his allies try to help. The syndicate members are interesting conceptually, with powers accquired from their exposure to other Batman rogues (Mr. Noxious, for instance, was once controlled by Poison Ivy and left with an ability to make people around him nauseous). Tynion manages to keep these new villains from seeming derivative and does more in this issue to make Luke Fox into a distinct character (if not a likeable one) than I believe any other writer has managed since Luke's creation.

The artwork proves equally phenomenal. The lighting effects Adriano Lucas creates with mere color are astonishing, adding interesting highlights to the shadows crafted by inker Eber Ferreira. And Eddy Barrows is one of the best pencilers to tackle the Batman family in some time.

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