Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Flash #2 - A Review

Despite having just recovered his memories of training Kid Flash, Barry Allen has no desire to become a teacher to a newbie speedster. Yet he can't just stand idly by when August Heart - a CCPD detective and one of Barry's few friends on the force - is stuck by lightning and seemingly develops a connection to The Speed Force. With a new criminal gang called The Black Hole on the loose, Barry could use all the help he can get. And unbeknownst to everyone else, Iris West's nephew, Wally West, has also developed super-speed powers...

The story slows down a bit with this issue, allowing the on-going plot line to thicken as Joshua Williamson develops the relationship between August and Barry. This proves a wise decision, given how little we know about August as a character thus far beyond his being an honest cop who lost his brother and his having a respect for Barry that nobody else in the CCPD seems to share. The basic plot of the issue beyond this is fairly standard but the action sequences are well-executed in spite of that, as are the brief moments of Wally West reveling in his newfound speed.

Carmen Di Giandomenico and Ivan Plascencia continue to deliver quality artwork that matches Williamson's scripts  Di Giandomenico always catches the characters in moments of motion, giving the artwork an active feeling even when we're only watching two characters have a conversation. The colors by Plascencia are well chosen and manage several interesting effects, such as a grey-heavy palette being used for flashbacks depicting sad memories.

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