Sunday, July 17, 2016

Detective Comics #936 - A Review

The army hunting down vigilantes in Gotham - now identified as The Colony - have brought down The Dark Knight Detective! Batman instructed Batwoman not to take the new team he placed in her hands into the field until she was absolutely certain they were ready to work together. All Kate Kane is certain of is she's not going to sit idle while her people are in danger.

As the last issue of Detective Comics was largely a character study of Tim Drake, so too is Detective Comics #936 primarily focused on the character of Kate Kane. We're told that she was born and raised to be a leader and, as the events of the episode unfold, we see that she is precisely that. Kudos to James Tynion IV for balancing the action and the character development so well and for pulling off a truly surprising reveal.

The second art team for Detective Comics' bimonthly issues proves to be as skillful as the first. Alvaro Marinez is a fantastic penciler with a good eye for detail. I particularly like his design for the Bat-suit, with a yellow-outlined Batman symbol.  Raul Fernandez uses his inks sparingly, crafting a unique look given how darkly shaded most Batman comics tend to be. And Brad Anderson's colors are perfectly picked throughout.

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