Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: Year Two #12 - A Review

An evil being of living sound arrives on Earth, determined to reproduce. The only thing standing in its way is The Doctor and his companion, Gabriella Gonzales. Empowered by knowledge that allows her to take her gift for art and imprint her creations in reality, Gabby thinks she's ready to help The Doctor in a whole new way.  But is she truly prepared for everything that comes with helping people on the same scale as The Doctor?

The creative team outdid themselves on this issue. We've seen Nick Abadzis' take on the Tenth Doctor get angsty but we've yet to see the ennui that infused his character.There is a sense of that here as The Doctor tries (and fails) to talk Gabby out of following down the path so many of his companions have and becoming yet another weapon in his arsenal. And the artwork more than equals the script in terms of quality. This book truly feels like a lost episode of the RTD era of Doctor Who.

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