Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Descender #13 - A Review

With the exception of its last few pages, Descender #13 is almost entirely a flashback. This time the action focuses on Telsa - the UGC officer tasked with retrieving TIM-21. A born warrior held back by her General father's desire to keep her safe at any cost, this issue tells the story of how she sought training behind his back and eventually adopted a new identity in order to live the life she wanted.

My fondness for this series is growing increasingly faint.  Lemire is a great writer and Nguyen's artwork is as wonderful as ever. Yet the continual flashback issues have killed the momentum of the main plot and I'm starting to wonder if Lemire is padding things out to buy himself time to think of where the story goes from here. I think this story may ultimate read better in a single sitting rather than as a monthly comic.

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