Friday, June 24, 2016

The Flash #1 - A Review

Barry Allen is The Flash - The Fastest Man Alive. But now he's not alone.

Barry's learned the odd truth - that he once had a nephew named Wally West and once upon a time he too was The Flash and The Fastest Man Alive! More, someone has altered time itself, removing Wally from the world Barry knows and altering the very universe itself. Barry and Batman have begun exploring the mystery, as Wally makes contact with his former comrades in the Teen Titans.

Still, as much as Barry loves a big mystery, he can't stand still for too long and he still has his work as a CSI for the Central City Police Department to attend to, in addition to a lunch date with his friend Iris West (who he's starting to remember as something more than a friend) and an entirely different Wally West. Not even The Flash can be in two places at once, after all, though Barry will push himself as never before when one of his few friends on the police force is endangered by a new villain...

Despite being firmly tied into DC Universe Rebirth #1, this new Flash series doesn't continue the storyline we saw in The Flash: Rebirth #1. Instead, Joshua Williamson focuses upon Barry Allen as a character and establishes the life he has now rather than exploring what he had.

It's a fair choice and a helpful introduction for those new readers attracted from The Flash TV series as well as those giving the series a shot because of Rebirth. Willamson's script establishes Barry as an affable sort whose biggest sin is trying to take on too much at once. The rest of the supporting cast are also introduced and the issue ends on a gripping cliffhanger that promising big things for this opening arc.

The artwork by Carmine Di Giadnomenico upholds the same promise revealed in the Rebirth special. Di Giandomenico's style is reminiscent of Scott Kolins' work on The Flash years ago, but with a less gritty aesthetic. The colors of Ivan Plascencia contribute to this classic comic feeling, being as bright and eye-catching as those in any Silver Age story.

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