Saturday, February 20, 2016

Secret Six #11 - A Review

Batgirl doesn't go into the Gotham suburbs often. But she has little choice when she learns that some bad people are looking for her former Birds of Prey teammate Strix. Now if only she can get past Strix's new friends.  Meanwhile, a phone call from a special someone is about to make Big Shot's jaw drop - an impressive sight given his powers.

This proved a bittersweet issue in several regards. I've missed Gail Simone writing Batgirl and seeing her subtly satirize the new Batgirl of Burnside (well, it's sort of subtle) is a real treat. And Big Shot's enthusiasm is infectious, leaving you really hoping that things are going to work out for Sue and Ralph after all this time.

The artwork is also up to its usual standard. Dale Eaglesham and Tom Derenick are both talented artists and while their styles are quite different, the differences are not so drastic as to be noticeable. Colorist Jason Wright may deserve some of the credit for this, insuring a uniform look to the issue.

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