Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lucifer #3 - A Review

The search for God's murderer leads Lucifer and Gabriel into The Dreaming. There they will seek information from Lilith, who may know something of another fallen angel capable of doing the deed. One who, even now, is causing mischief on Earth...

The artwork for this series is, in a word, amazing.  Lee Garbett's style is a perfect match for the classic Vertigo aesthetic. And the colors by Antonio Fabela are uniformly well chosen, with a good deal of visual contrast between various elements, such as the coloration for Eve and Lilith.

With this issue, Holly Black's story is beginning to take shape and we can see the edge of things to come. I commented in my review of the last issue that I wasn't quite sure what to make of the subplots set in the mortal world. I still can't guess where things are going with this series' ensemble cast but the whole affair is reminiscent of Gaiman's Sandman and Carey's Lucifer. As such, I'm content to enjoy the ride.

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