Monday, February 22, 2016

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #4 - A Review

Briarwood House. 1932.  The Doctor and Josie Day are still following The Doctor's "to-do" list, uncertain of just where they are going and why they are going there. Still, the fancy party they find seems safe enough, though Josie tempts fate by saying the whole thing reminds her of an Agatha Christie novel and those always have a murder. This is true enough, although said murders are not orchestrated by faeries nor do they involve animated trees...

Emma Vieceli's artwork for this issue is breathtaking. The is a light, airiness to her style that suits the ethereal nature of this story. This is most evident in the sequence in which the history of The Nixi is related, with Vieceli's art given a unique sepia-tone finish by Hi-Fi.

Once again, George Mann writes a top-notch story that blurs the line between magic and advanced science, like many classic Doctor Who stories. Mann has quickly become one of my favorite Doctor Who writers. I hope time permits his working on more of these mini-series for Titan Comics in the future.

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