Monday, February 22, 2016

Adventures of Supergirl #3 - A Review

Held captive by the monstrous alien known as Rampage, things are looking bleak for Kara. Rampage's sister was killed by DEO Agent Alex Danvers and now Rampage plans to avenge her by killing Supergirl. Yet Kara can't help but feel some sympathy for Rampage - another alien stranded on a strange world and changed forever by Earth's yellow sun.
I have to give Sterling Gates and Bengal credit for this storyline and how it subtly salutes the work of John Byrne. The last issue saw Bengal craft a wonderful visual tribute to one of Byrne's most famous X-Men panels. This issue sees Gates' explaining the background of this version of Rampage, which is a neat twist on the original character Byrne created for his Superman comics. The artwork is strong throughout this story and Gates masterfully showcases how Kara's greatest power is her sense of compassion.

If this issue has a flaw, it's that too much of the focus is on Kara as a captive. After the awesome final panel last issue and all the character development Alex received, I thought for sure the focus in this issue would be on Alex going into action to save her sister. The issue is still enjoyable but it would have proved a nice change of pace given how little development Alex has received outside the context of her being her sister's biggest advocate.

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