Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hercules #3 - A Review

Something approaches which threatens the world of myth - an uprising storm which has forced an uneasy alliance between Hercules and the monsters he once fought. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh - long content to rest on his laurels - will feel the call to heroism once again, as he takes a message from someone in need of a hero.

The theme of new worlds infringing upon the old is hardly new territory. Yet much as Hercules has been reinvented for a new age in this series, so to does Dan Abnett put his own unique spin on the world of classical myth. The story he is telling here draws comparison to Neil Gaiman's American Gods and Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson books and it can stand proudly alongside these works.

Luke Ross's artwork is equally epic in every sense of the word. Ross' figures are heroic in scope and he fits an amazing amount of detail into each panel with no loss of clarity for all the lines. And the colors by Guru-FX enhance Ross's perfectly.

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