Saturday, January 23, 2016

Clean Room #4 - A Review

Self-help guru Astrid Mueller has had a breakthrough! She has made contact with something not of this world - the thing that was responsible for nearly killing her as a child. Meanwhile, investigative reporter Chloe Pierce returns home to a strange encounter of her own...

Reviewing Clean Room is more difficult for me than most comics. Usually I can just summarize what has happened thus far in my head and the thoughts come naturally. In the case of this series, I am so continually surprised I find it impossible to quantify beyond saying that it is a gripping read. Take that for what you will but Gail Simone is outdoing herself, in this critic's opinion.

The artwork by Jon Davis-Hunt proves equally amazing. He excels at portraying both the mundane and the magical - and there is plenty of both in this series so far! Truly, this is one of the best series Vertigo has put out in years!

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