Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sam Wilson, Captain America #4 - A Review

Sam Wilson has big problems. And not just getting turned into a wolf-man, though that is annoying and Misty Knight's jokes aren't helping. No, the new Captain America's biggest problem is that The Serpent Society is going legit, offering their services to big Wall Street firms as Serpent Solutions. Because money can make anything respectful. Even human trafficking and illegal medical experimentation.

This month sees a new art team which proves to be the equal of the previous one. Paul Renaud proves more than capable of matching Daniel Acuna in terms of quality. And the palettes utilized by Romulo Fajardo are well-chosen and look great!

One would never accuse Nick Spenser of being subtle in his politics or his storytelling. Indeed, it's hard to imagine how less subtle a comic could be, featuring a werewolf Captain America and Viper of the Serpent Society playing golf with a bunch of CEOs - his mask still on under his jaunty golfing cap! No, this book is not subtle. But it makes its points well and is a laugh riot to boot. Yet we also get some good action sequences as well. In short, its everything you could hope for in a Captain America comic.

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