Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rick and Morty #9 - A Review

In a universe without a Rick, Morty rules a cyberpunk dystopia with an iron fist, Summer is the leader of the rebellion and Jerry is... well, still Jerry. Naturally, Rick only finds this mildly amusing at best. And he certainly doesn't care enough to help take down the evil Morty. Or does he?

Nope. Pretty sure Rick doesn't care. Except in so far as it gives him more material for making fun of how lame cyberpunk is as a genre.

Zac Gorman continues to capture the spirit of the Rick and Morty cartoon. This issue features a perfect balance of twisted humor and weird science action. And the back-up story, where Rick grumbles about missing an ALF marathon to help Morty with his problems, is hilarious.

The artwork splendidly captures the visual aesthetic of the show. Both C.J. Cannon and Marc Ellerby do a fine job of aping the show's style and their story flow from panel to panel is top-notch. The inks by Cat Farris and colors by Ryan Hill are also praiseworthy.

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