Sunday, November 8, 2015

This Damned Band #4 - A Review

The rock band Motherfather is loosing groupies and technicians at an alarming rate. But this is of little concern to the band, as they're faced with a group of French assassins who have come seeking the money one of the band-mates owes their drug-lord employers. Meanwhile, a camera crew filming a documentary about the band stumble across something strange in the band manager's room which may answer the mystery of the people going missing around Motherfather...

The artwork by Tony Parker and Lovern Kindzierski on this issue is brilliant. Parker has shown amazing versatility in previous issues and this one is no exception! Parker illustrates the bits of the story filmed by the camera crew in his usual manner while adapting a style that is equal parts Yellow Submarine animation and The Adventures of Tintin for the bits that happened off-camera.

This artwork brings Paul Cornell's script to life wonderfully. Fans of Cornell's previous work on Action Comics and Doctor Who will not be disappointed by his work here. Indeed, this may be the single funniest thing he's ever written. 

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