Friday, November 6, 2015

Howard The Duck #1 - A Review

Trapped in a world he never made (whatever THAT means?!), Howard The Duck has finally had it. Sure, he's found some limited success as a private investigator. And he has a good pair of friends in elderly widow May Parker and shape-shifter Tara Tam. But he still wants to go back to the universe from which he originally came.

As luck would have it, his recent encounters with The Abundant Glove - an artifact of moderate but ultimately limited cosmic power - may be the key to getting Howard back home. But the way will not be easy, even ignoring Howard's innate ability to find trouble and costumed weirdos no matter how much he tries to live a normal life. Well, as normal as your life can be when you're an anthropomorphic duck trapped on a world full of hairless apes.

If you were enjoying the previous Howard The Duck series (you know - the one that ran for five issues before Marvel renumbered everything? AGAIN?!), you'll enjoy this one as well. Chip Zdarsky is still delivering the funny. And Joe Quinones and Joe Rivera are still making everything look good.

The only real change is that the back-up comics seem to be serialized now as well. In this story by Chris Hastings, Howard is hired by Black Cat to track down a pink-clad mercenary who is unbeknownst to her but knownst to us as Gwenpool!  Yes, there's some universe where Gwen Stacy became Deadpool. And now she's here - cutely and insanely illustrated by Danilo Beyruth and Tamra Bonvillain.

So... yeah. If you're the sort of person who enjoys utter lunacy and the sheer randomness of The Marvel Universe laid bare to be laughed at, then you'll love Howard The Duck. Assuming you weren't already loving it.  Damn renumberings....

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