Sunday, October 4, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four #22 - A Review

The battle between Superman and Darkseid threatens to destroy not only the damned world of Apokolips but thousands of worlds around it! As Orion acts to stop the battle and Batman approaches Highfather to warn of the alliance between Ares and Darkseid, both The Regime and The Insurgency regroup. And as The United Nations consider launching a nuclear strike upon The Greek Gods, Harley Quinn gives Billy Batson a ride home.

Quite a lot happens in this episode and it is to Brian Buccellato's credit that he is able to balance all the on-going subplots with the skill of a plate-spinner. Yet despite some truly epic battles and literal world-shaking events, what really sells this story is the brief character moments. From Alfred's pep-talk to those still following Batman to the strange sweetness of Harley's crush on Shazam and her totally platonic (but no less creepy) feelings regarding Billy, there are many scenes that elicit a strong emotional response.

The artwork by Xermanico is similarly varied but more uneven. Largely the artwork looks good, particularly in the slower, more touching moments. But Xermanico's pencils get sloppy during some of the action sequences and there are some moments - particularly the fight with Darkseid - where the inking seems to obscure the details more than they enhance them.

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