Sunday, October 4, 2015

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: Year Two #1 - A Review

Many years and a few regenerations ago, The Doctor once told a companion named Ace about how there were worlds with "people made of smoke and cities made of song." Today, The Doctor has taken his companion Gabby to the world of Wupatki, where the reverse is true - where the people are songs and the cities are made of air! Wupatki is also unique in that it is one of the few worlds where human colonists live alongside the native Shan'tee in peace and harmony. But a strange plague threatens that peace, as well as all the life on the planet and it will fall to The Doctor to make things better.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor returns with style and proves to be as grand as ever. As in the book's first year, the scripts by Nick Abadzis continue to amaze and delight. Abadzis' greatest gift as a writer remains a prodigious imagination. In the opening pages of this issue, Abadzis throws out several complex concepts in his development of the world of Wupatki - any one of which could be the basis for one whole episode of the television series!

Also returning to the series is artist Eleonora Carlini.  Carlini's streamlined style proves a good fit for this story and she perfectly captures the beautiful weirdness of the Shan'tee. It should be impossible for an artist to depict invisible beings who manifest only as an abstract representation of another character's perspective but damned if Carlini doesn't manage to draw something that fits the bill!

All in all, this series continues to be a perfect simulation of the David Tennant era of Doctor Who and a must read for all Whovians!

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