Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four #2 - A Review

It is a time of turmoil for Batman's Insurgency. With their numbers depleted and Batman himself preoccupied, former Gotham City cop Rene Montoya has started drinking again and Catwoman is ready to split. Meanwhile, a bored Harley Quinn - once again squatting with Poison Ivy - seeks direction for her new-found independence.

As last week's issue established the status quo for The Regime, so does this week's issue set things up on the side of The Resistance. The script by Brian Buccellato draws off a lot of the history of these characters without hitting the reader over the head with continuity notes about Rene's battles with alcoholism or her relationship with Batwoman.

The artwork is uniformly excellent as per usual. Bruno Redondo gives Harley Quinn some great expressions that remind me of the work of Kevin Maguire and I love his design for Harley's school-girl costume here.. Juan Albarran does a perfect job of enhancing the original pencils with his inks. And the colors and letters by Rex Lokus and Wes Abbott are great.

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