Friday, March 6, 2015

Superior Iron Man #5 - A Review

Superior Iron Man #5 proves to be a relatively sedate issue, compared to what has come before in this series. The focus this month is on Tony's new ward - Kid Abomination. We find out how he came to be what he is (long story short - faulty radiation shielding continues to be the number one cause of workplace accidents in the Marvel Universe) and Tony discovers a connection to the boy that makes him a lot more serious about helping the poor irradiated teen.

Tom Taylor continues to surprise on this series. One might think they see where this issue is going the minute we're presented with a teen boy, an attractive scientist mother and Tony Stark having apparently been "very close" to her in the past.  Thankfully, Taylor is above such obvious tricks but the revelation is enough to show that there is still something of a heart in Tony Stark's superior self.

Laura Braga proves a most able replacement for regular artist Yildiray Cinar.  Indeed, I didn't even notice this issue had a guest artist at first! There are differences in their styles, of course. Braga's inks are a little heavier, to give one example. Regardless, the artwork in this issue is good.

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