Friday, March 6, 2015

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #5 - A Review

The Doctor and his latest companions - an amazon and an astronaut - have retrieved the last of the Swords of Kali. But that won't be enough to save Clara Oswald's life. For the sinister Scindia family still aim to revive their "goddess" Kali - a fourth-dimensional being whose power makes quibbling over her actual divinity a moot point. And they mean for Clara Oswald to be their goddess' new host body!

The word "epic" is used far too frequently in my estimation. Even I am inclined to overusing it. But the tale Robbie Morrison tells here is epic in both definitions of the word. It is a tale that proves both epic in scope and it is an epic in form.

Alas, the artwork by Dave Taylor isn't quite as good. Taylor presents some amazing images - such as the reveal of Clara/Kali - but most of the issue's artwork is mediocre, at best.  It's not enough to detract from Morrison's story but many of the proportions are odd and Taylor's pencils get sloppy past the middle distance.

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