Sunday, December 28, 2014

Superior Iron Man #3 - A Review

In order to win Daredevil to his side regarding the use of his new Extremis 3.0 body-modification app, Tony Stark has done the unthinkable and restored Matt Murdock's sight!  Now, as Tony Stark leaves to deal with a newbie villain with a grudge, Pepper Potts and a mysterious figure in an old Iron Man suit work to figure out just what has happened to change Tony Stark...

Tom Taylor continues to impress with his scripts on this series. It's always a tricky proposal to write a heroic character in a way that suggests they are giving in to their darker impulses while still keeping them true to form.  This is doubly difficult with a character like Tony Stark, who is already defined by his dark side.  Yet Taylor manages to successfully portray a Tony Stark who is heroic and unethical at the same time.

Yildiray Cinar's artwork is excellent as usual, but I must note one particularly nice artistic touch. In the scenes between Tony and Daredevil, we see all of the action from Matt Murdock's point of view as opposed to the usual comic art which views the action from the viewpoint of a hidden camera or unseen audience. This subtly helps to increase the power of the scenes, as Tony seems to be addressing the reader directly and we get to experience the thrill of once again being able to see from Daredevil's new perspective.

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