Sunday, December 28, 2014

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #3 - A Review

It's an odd thing, but Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #3 doesn't really feel like a Twelfth Doctor story. The script by Robbie Morrison seems like a lost relic of the Classic Series of Doctor Who, with the Peter Capaldi Doctor seeming at times more like an odd combination of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker than his usual sarcastic self. But somehow, I don't think Whovian purists will mind too much for one simple reason - not a single Series 8 story was as much fun as this comic.

The action begins with The Doctor and Clara being interrupted in the midst of a portrait painting (Apparently Clara inspired the Mona Lisa, but the only part Da Vinci got right was her smug smile). A phone call from an old friend of The Fourth Doctor in 23rd century India sends our heroes forward in time to where they arrive just too late to stop an apparent murder. From there, we're treated to a goodly amount of plot about alien conquerors, Hindu deities, mistaken identities, mysterious thefts and a room that exists in multiple times at once. And The Doctor drops a lot of names of famous people he once knew.

If Robbie Morrison is channeling the spirit of Robert Holmes with his writing, then Dave Taylor is emulating the artwork of another famous Dave - Dave Gibbons. While not quite a physical replication of Gibbons' work, Taylor's pacing and choreography is reminiscent of the Doctor Who comics of olde.  The whole affair is marvelous to look at!

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