Monday, March 10, 2014

Heart of Texas ComicCon 2014 - A Con Report

Heart of Texas ComicCon is a new convention, held in Waco Texas.  Work prevented me from being able to attend on Saturday, but I was able to drive down for the Sunday festivities.  It's the kind of convention I like best - small, intimate and clearly a labor of love. 

The convention staff was great and I should note that they had the most well organized parking lot of any convention held in a community space I've ever attended.  Little details like that can make or break a show and this one was definitely made. I can't wait to see what they do next year!

I premiered a new cosplay for this convention - Slade Wilson from Arrow.  Admittedly, a nice suit and an eye-patch isn't the most complex costume... even if you can dress it up a decent impression of Manu Bennet's voice and accent.  But I'm quite pleased with the result if for no other reason than I think I totally rock a nice suit and eye-patch.

Manu Bennett agreed, for what that's worth.  I got an autographed picture with a nice dedication.

After that, I wander around a bit and said hello to some friends who were also there while taking pictures of the cosplayers and posing for a few myself. I helped Terry Parr of ShoNuff Studios take down his booth, as he decided to leave early due to not feeling well. And I checked in with Michael Champion, as he was in the midst of a new work that I won't spoil but will say looked amazing.

And speaking of looking amazing, time for some cosplay photography!

X-23 and Storm from X-Men

A fencing demonstration by The Shire Of The Emerald Keep.

Black Widow and Jessica Rabbit

A foursome of Sailor Scouts - Mercury, Mars, Moon and Mini-Moon. 

Black Canary 

Lady Annaka Vader as The Sorceress from Masters of the Universe.

Inu Yasha

The littlest Sith. Somehow, I think she joined The Dark Side for more than cookies.

Lyndsey Elaine as The White Rabbit.  The Batman villain. Not the Spider-Man villain.

 Glitzy Geek Girl as Black Cat.  This was her first time as a featured guest and her first time running her own table.  She deserves the success, being one of the best cosplayers I know.  Congrats, Anna!

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