Monday, March 10, 2014

Green Arrow #29 - A Review

The Outsiders War continues as Green Arrow seeks Kodomo and Oliver Queen's long-lost half-sister.  Little does he know that Kodomo has claimed leadership of the warrior clans known as The Outsiders and that they are now hunting him.  At the same time, John Diggle and the rest of Ollie's support staff seek to stop the gangwar that is tearing Seattle apart by making an unlikely alliance with the crime-boss William Tockman.

Jeff Lemire's script is full of action and there are many impressive sequences with Oliver making good use of the trick arrows that have played a surprisingly small role in the series so far.  The only real weakness with the script is that the sequences with Diggle and company seem like an afterthought, added in to give the supporting cast something to do.  We also keep hearing about the devastation Richard Dragon has caused in Seattle while seeing little evidence of it.

Andrea Sorrentino's artwork is truly cinematic.  Many of the panels look like stills from a movie rather than part of a comic-book page.  Colorist Marcelo Maiolo should be highly praised for his own contributions to this book, which take Sorrentino's already stellar pencils to another level with the addition of amazing lighting effects and palette-switched between panels that serve to highlight certain scenes, such as when the trick arrows go off.

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