Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Invaders #2 - A Review

Invaders #2 backtracks a little bit before returning to the action from its first issue.  We learn how Captain America and The Winter Soldier became aware of the Kree soldiers that were moving after the original Human Torch.  A flashback goes on to reveal a secret the rest of The Invaders kept from Captain America - a secret involving a weapon that once endangered the whole world and could easily do so again!

Writer James Robinson's knowledge and love of Golden Age heroes comes through in every page of this book.  His script for this issue is heavy with the exposition, yet he manages to deliver it smoothly through the dialogue without it seeming like an information dump.  He also offers up some good, if brief, character moments for Jim Hammond - the character comic readers are least likely to be familiar with. 

Steve Pugh's artwork continues to impress.  His layouts are clear and his action well-choreographed.  He also does a good job of inking the book in such a way as to enhance the natural pencils through efficient shadowing.  Praise must also be given to Guru-FX, whose striking palettes make the final artwork jump off the page at the reader.

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