Sunday, November 24, 2013

WhoFest 2013 - Part Two

Right!  All fixed!  Now, where were we?  And when were we?  Oh yes!  Costumes!

Poor lad. Everyone thought he was Arthur Dent. At least, up until they saw the sword and the Satsuma and realized it was The Tenth Doctor from The Christmas Invasion

A Time Lady 

The Tenth Doctor and The Doctor's Daughter, Jenny. 

The Fourth Doctor 

Amy Pond. 

An amazing K-9 unit. This one was capable of moving and saying several lines from the show! 

Another impressive RC unit. This Dalek moved and talked! 

A Boy (At Heart) And His Robot Dog 

Me as the City of Death Fourth Doctor with the previously seen Romana II in her City of Death outfit. 
It occurs to me I neglected to mention one important aspect of conventions everywhere - shopping! Naturally WhoFest had a large number of local businesses that cater to Whovians and their interests. The British Emporium, well-known for sponsoring the annual Doctor Who Days event (and for being the only place in DFW you can buy real Jelly Babies) had a table. I bought a new Sonic Screwdriver from Piranha Toys - a web-based collectibles store. There was even Lorrie's Broideries - a embroidery shop that does custom designs. But they were just a few of the wonderful businesses on hand...

Roll2Play is a wonderful games shop in Coppell, Texas which carries materials for The Doctor Who RPG as well as a variety of family board games.  

Collected is a new but quickly-growing comics and games shop in the DFW area. They helped me out with planning gaming events at my library and I've found their staff to be courtesy and helpful in all things.

As you can see, they also carry a lot of Doctor Who swag. 
As I said before, it was a great convention and a fun time. Even if I had a TARDIS to go to the next WhoFest right now, it wouldn't be soon enough.  See you all in 2015!

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