Sunday, November 24, 2013

WhoFest 2013 - Part One

I was lucky enough to have bought a ticket to WhoFest several months before the convention sold out its limited number of memberships.  This was WhoFest's first year of operations and with any luck it will be the first of many.  This was easily the most smoothly-run and well-organized fan-convention I've ever attended.

Held at the Crowne Plaza in Addison - one of the more popular hotels for cons in Dallas - WhoFest was billed as a family event for Whovians of all ages.  Fitting considering that Doctor Who started as a children's program before progressing into the family-hour show most are familiar with today.

There were no big celebrity guests at this convention.  This was all about fans getting to know one another, sharing knowledge and bonding over the shared experience.  There were a variety of panels for every interest, from trivia discussions to paper-craft and prop-building, with special rooms for children's programming and even a costume repair room for any emergencies that arose during the convention.  This last room in particular is a novel idea more conventions would benefit to copy.

Speaking of costumes, that seems as good a cue as any to display some of the wide variety of costumes I saw as I journeyed through Space and Time.

The Third Doctor.

The Third Doctor and The Sixth Doctor.

These twin sisters are dressed as Romana II and The Tenth Doctor.
The joke being that she's with the wrong Doctor and he's with the wrong blonde companion. 

The Seventh Doctor and The Master.

A Nice Family Portrait, This One.

The Seventh Doctor and Romana I.

The Celestial Toymaker.

The First Doctor.

Donna Noble, about to shout about something. Most likely her lack of POCKETS!!!

The Eleventh Doctor.

Blast! How did this get in here?

Come back for Part Two once I've made sure this Weeping Angel can't come out of the monitor to get you!

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