Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Arrow - Season 2, Episode 5 - League Of Assassins - Live Tweet Commentary

Events at work conspired to see me sent home early today.  So fortune smiles - I can once again do a live-tweet commentary on League of Assassins before writing the latest entry for the Arrow Episode Guide.

Word of warning - this DOES have SPOILERS!  So don't read this until you've seen the episode!

0:02 -  I think it's anatomy Ollie knows, not biology.

0:07 -  Give Ollie points for asking the question even though it's obvious that no, Laruel is NOT Ok.

0:09 -  Ah, the fine condition of improvised weaponry.

0:09 -  Now if only we could see Ollie use a harp and shish kabob skewers...

0:12 -  Tradition. Not condition. I'm tired.

0:15 -  Waiting for Diggle to remind Ollie about the LAST time he brought a love interest into the Arrow Cave.

0:18 -  Retconning this so Sara was abducted in her underwear seems a little exploitative. 

0:22 -  Damn good fight scene, this.

0:27-  Okay, now THAT was just gratuitous! The whole bare back scene!

0:30 -  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Ollie is an awesome character when he lets the good man out.

0:32 -  Okay... was not expecting this resolution THAT fast...

0:36 -  Nice to see that Quentin thought to mention his wife in all of this. 

0:37 -  Nice to see Quentin putting those detective skills to work...however painful the final conclusion.

0:40 -  No one who says he's out to save the human race EVER has good intentions.  Especially when he owns a slave ship.

0:43 -  It would be kind of awesome if winds up saving Laurel from a drug overdose.

0:45 -  Very heavy influence on tonight's . Lots of things borrowed from Sensei & Student.

0:48 -  How many of you saw 'Follow Your Arrow' trending and were surprised it had nothing to do with or ?

0:51 -  Amazing how very little Ollie has to do in this episode...

0:59 -  Well... some answers but still some mystery regarding the past.  As it should be.  Great episode.

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