Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Agents of SHIELD, Episode 6 - Live Commentary

Here's the archive of all the sarcasm and commentary I made on Twitter as the show played.

0:01: #AgentsofSHIELD will not be airing tonight in favor of a classic episode of #AreYouAfraidOfTheDark?

0:03: Rusty? Heh! Heh! NOT A ROBOT!

0:09: At this point, I'm pretty much watching this just to find out what's the deal with Coulson. 

0:12: I got the Big Lebowski joke!

0:17: I'm calling it now - Skrull cattle.

0:18: Okay.  Fine. Chitairo cattle.  Geez...

0:22:Waiting for the dancing alien to jump out of his head and start singing "Ragtime Gal".

0:26: I really hope Coulson is describing Valhalla and not Heaven.  Thor knows he earned a seat there. 

0:34: Simmons, the Wednesday Adams look doesn't work on you. Sorry.

0:37: "I wish it was some super-powered socoiopath."  You and me both, man.

0:42: THRILL as they move petri dishes around!

0:45:Would it be tasteless for me to start singing Freefalling by Tom Petty at this point?

0:51: Hey, physics geeks!  Do a shot for every law that's being violated by this sequence! 

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