Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fangasm - Finale - Live Tweet Commentary

And now... the final Fangasm commentary.  Try and hold back the tears, kids.

11:01: In case you forgot, we're in LA!  Look at the scenery! 

11:02: Technically speaking, third world countries don't have soda of food left over the place. 

11:03: Actually, they don't have food at all in third world countries!

11:07:And - oh yeah - is involved in this. In case you forgot.

11:09: "World of Pure Imagination?" Wondering how many kids has had killed in the name of

11:10:  I love how none of these actors can keep a straight face at the cheese either.

11:15: Actually, the  /WillyWonka comparison is apt. They both depend on unpaid labor. to run their business.

11:19: Oh man... flyering random people on the street. This is giving me flashbacks of many nights with
First .  Now .  This is really real man.  For real.

11:28: Ixnay on the Ampira-vay!

11:32: Ah, .  The lowest of all geeks, save for  and Self-Insert Fanfic writers, of course.

11:33: That's a joke, folks!  I have nothing but respect for .  Self-Insert Fanfic Writers can piss off, though.

11:34: Hey now. I'm super active in a LARPing group here in Seattle.

11:35:  - I was kidding, Most of my RPG group . I was riffing on the standard perception most gamers seem to have.

11:40: Regarding Dani & Sal - The show would be much better if we had more of THIS. THIS is honest.

11:46:  dressed as ?  ALL IS FORGIVEN!

11:47: That's actually as Codex! 

11:49: - This is what I get for looking at what I'm typing & only listening for a second. :)

11:58: This would be a good ending.  Kinda sad there's one more episode. 

12:01: You know - it might had been better had they set up the competing for a job thing in the first episode.

12:03: Ah.  Of COURSE they just happen to get a flat tire. 

12:05: This time, at least, someone remembers the glory of the Internet.  

12:11: The best parts of this show are the parts that are just the actors talking. 

12:12: The minute the usual reality show stuff kicks back into play, it becomes 10 times worse. 

12:17: Wait... they get everyone to dress up nice THEN have them do all this heavy lifting? 

12:33: Amazed party went smoothly.  Thought Andrew was going to tell a dirty joke to the Queen of England or some such. 

12:37: Afraid I'll have to stop the commentary there, folks. Seems my Cable Company chose to run a software update NOW. 

12:48: And... back!  Just in time for Dani!

12:49: Alas, my DVR didn't get the last 10 minutes....

12:52: And remember, you were all great. Except for the ones who slacked off and bungled basic tasks like getting my coffee.


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