Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Agents of SHIELD, Episode 5 - (Almost) Live Commentary

Due to delays in my getting out of work, this commentary wasn't quite "live".  Thank Ganesha for DVR though, eh?  So here's the archive of all the sarcasm and commentary I made on Twitter as the show played... almost live.

0:01: Woman flirting with a street magician.  That should be setting all his alarms off.

0:02: Oh, for Doctor Strange to show up right now...

0:03: Mutant, cosmic rays or magician?  Taking all bets!

0:04: Those can't be SHIELD agents.  No logos on their suits.

0:06: "Go a few rounds..." Hey, they stole that from a JLU episode! 

0:14: Give this guy credit for being smart enough to realize nobody kidnaps you for a GOOD reason.   

Scorch?  Seriously?  Whoever is writing this has a mad-on for old New Warriors comics..

0:19: And... confirmation that Skye is playing both sides against the middle, at least.  Mayhe.  Probably.

0:24: Amd... yeah.  Busted! 

0:29: And... just like that he's swayed into using his powers for eeeeeeeeevil. 

0:30: He's a Minecraft player!  Evil Bastard! 

0:33: More Extremis.  Geez, couldn't it be something else, for once?  

0:38: Oh man - this is SO not what I had in mind when I asked to be strapped down with two women..

0:39: Trying to avoid the word "mutant" like crazy, aren't they? 

0:42: I cast Burning Hands! 

0:48: Oh, Scorch. NEVER say "Nothing Can Stop Me!" That's a sure death sentence.

Oh!  They're talking about Skye!  THAT was subtle.

0:53: Hey! Nick Fiury's bar is back!    

0:55: I'm going to call it now - Skye is Peter Parker's long lost sister.

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