Monday, August 19, 2013

World's Finest #15 - A Review

World's Finest #15 continues the on-going battle between Power Girl and Huntress against the mysterious villain Desaad.  The issue opens with Power Girl seemingly emerged on the hellish world of Apokolips, having chased Desaad and a hostage Huntress through a strange portal.  The two heroines will have their hands full fighting and evading Desaad's demonic minions!

The artwork by the new creative team is a vast improvement over the past few months.  Inker Guillermo Ortego does a fine job of defining and enhancing the pencils of  Emanuela Lupacchino.  Most recently seen on X-Factor and a number of DC Comics' Ame-Comi specials, Lupacchino has a splendid sense of design and a fine eye for detail, as can be seen in the above scan of a Parademon horde inspired to panic in the face of Power Girl's onslaught.

Under Lupacchino's pencils, Power Girl lives up to her name, looking as strong as she should.  Her Huntress is lither, but still looks like an athlete in a mask rather than a fetish-ware mode with a crossbowl.  This is an especially important consideration given that Huntress spends a good portion of the comic in bondage and the scene with Desaad torturing her could easily have come off as exploitative under a lesser artist.

Thankfully, Paul Levtiz's scripts are as strong as his heroines.  Though our protagonists are in peril throughout the comic, they are never presented as being incompetent and are always confident in the face of danger.  The action doesn't let up for a moment and the climax of this issue builds to an honestly surprising ending.

If you like books with good female protagonists and classic superheroic action, you'll love World's Finest! If you haven't given World's Finest a shot, now is the time to give it a try.  Or if you were driven away from this title by the poor artwork of previous issues,  now is the time to give this book a second chance. 

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