Saturday, August 17, 2013

Demon Knights #23 - A Review

As far as conclusions go, Demon Knights #23 is satisfactory but not particularly successful.  The final chapter sees the recently recovered Holy Grail healing the ailments of The Shining Knight and The Horsewoman with a grand Deus Ex Machina.  Yet there is little time for celebration, for an army of the giants from whom our heroes liberated The Grail is laying siege to the city of Al-Wadi, having been tipped off to their location by Vandal Savage.

Robert Venditti tries his best to make this issue engaging and the battle with the giants from whom our heroes liberated The Holy Grail is an interesting one.  Yet the issue can't help but feel like something of a cop-out.  How can our heroes possibly top recovering The Holy Grail?  There may have been a way but an issue-long battle against an army of giants was not it.  

What makes this ending particularly vexing is that after months of inconsistent appearance at the hands of multiple artists and inkers, this book finally gets an artist worth of its' concept with the final issue.  Phil Winslade has proven his skill in depicting magical settings before on titles such as Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis and Shadowpact.  His work here does not disappoint and will leave you cursing this book's cancellation all the harder.

Rest well, Demon Knights.  You were enjoyed.

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