Saturday, August 17, 2013

Batgirl #23 - A Review

Let me start this comic with a Tommy Wiseau impression.

*clears throat*


In all seriousness, Batgirl #23 will pull out your heart like Mola Ram and stomp on it like it was the floor at a Lord of the Dance concert. 

We knew things were going to get bad with Commissioner Jim Gordon developing a mad-on for Batgirl in the wake of his son James Jr's death at her hands.  Yet I don't think anyone anticipated Gail Simone finding a way to bring nearly every new villain that's emerged since this series started back under the command of the violent vigilante Knightfall with orders to kill Jim Gordon after his hunt for Batgirl leads him poking into her business.  Things go from bad to worse when Babs' new boyfriend Ricky is fingered by the police as a Batgirl accomplice at the same time Ricky is called back into play as a gang-banger with the lives of his family at stake.  Barbara, no longer Batgirl, finds herself under attack from all sides and if this issue doesn't pull on your heart-strings, you'd better see a doctor... for your heart is dead.

The artwork of Fernandon Pasarin and Jonathan Glapion matches Simone's script in quality.  The action is well displayed as are the few quiet moments of drama leading into the action-filled finale.  This book is Eisner-worthy on all fronts and should be a must-read for all fans of quality comics.

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