Saturday, July 20, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us #27 - A Review

Injustice: Gods Among us continues to be more than your typical video-game tie-in comic.  Indeed, it's proving to be more than just a typical comic.  Tom Taylor and company have paradoxically taken a world where our favorite heroes are changing into something other than how we think of them and managed to distill the essence of what makes them who they are.

The action of this chapter is split between two separate scenes.  In the first, Superman and his loyal team of Justice Leaguers discuss the potential of Lex Luthor's latest invention - a drug that can give ordinary humans the endurance and damage resistance of a Kryptonian.  In the second half, the prodigal son Damian Wayne - disturbed by the implications of what his Justice League allies are planning - attempts to make peace with his father, Batman.  I shan't spoil the events that follow but suffice it to say it is not a happy homecoming.

Jheremy Raapack's style is well suited towards this story.  Raapack's command of shadow is masterful and he adds a layer of distinction as well as an aura of moodiness that leaves even characters standing in full light seemingly cloaked in darkness,  A visual metaphor for how our major players in this chapter are using deception in some form or fashion?  Either if it isn't, it looks wonderful.

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