Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us #20 - A Review

One might think that with the Injustice game released and the storyline largely outed to the world at this point that there would be little in the tie-in comic that might be surprising.  One would be wrong, for Injustice #20 offers us several honest surprises as well as some fine drama.  Tom Taylor has done it again!

Taylor's story this time is light on action but high on suspense.  The story centers around a mysterious distress signal coming from the heart of the ruins of Metropolis.  Naturally The Justice League is convinced this is a trap but Superman is still determined to protect the people of his city... even if there's only one left.  And in the midst of this they are being watched by an unseen observer - a mystery for another issue to explore. 

Tom Derenick's artwork is as clear and crisp as ever.  His character designs are impressive and naturally posed.  Everything is well-inked.  The only problem I have with the artwork is a coloring mistake by Alejandro Sanchez, who renders Hal Jordan's brown hair as black throughout the issue.  Apart from that, this is a great issue sure to please long-time comic readers and fans of the game who have yet to get into the comics that inspired it. 

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