Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Arrow #34 (Web Comic) - A Review

One of the best things about the Arrow web comic is that it gives the writers of the show a chance to tell stories that might not work within the confines of the show.  It also gives them a chance to answer questions that nit-picky fanboys like me might ask regarding the specifics of certain questions.  Questions like how Oliver Queen was able to get a plane to jump out of, in full costume, with no questions asked, when he rescued Walter Steele.  Now, we could just assume that he found a discrete pilot, paid cash and had Felicity scramble the paper trail with the FAA after the fact... but where's the fun in that?!

'You Owe Me' tells the previously untold tale of how Ollie was able to procure said pilot's services.  More than that, it's a rousing adventure tale that offers much beyond pleasing continuity hawks like me.  Indeed, this story offers another step in Oliver's development from a mere avenger into a proper hero and champion of the oppressed.  Props to Marc Guggenheim for the story and Ben Sokolowski for the excellent script.

Victor Drijiniu and Juan Castro do an equally impressive job on this issue's artwork, which is much improved from their last outing on this book.  Ollie's appearance is much more consistent and a good caricature of Stephen Amell.  Eveyrthing is shaded in a manner that is atmospheric without deluging the page in darkness.

Bottom Line?  Buy this book!

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