Monday, May 13, 2013

Earth 2 #12 - A Review

Perhaps I'm biased, but at this point I think Earth 2 may be the strongest title to come out of DC Comics New 52 wave.  Amid a number of series that promised us a whole new world, Earth 2 delivered both literally and figuratively.  The series has progressed at a leisurely pace but I think that has been to its' benefit.  James Robinson took an equally lengthy time in establishing the cast of Starman nearly two decades ago and few will deny that series was well worth the wait.

Consider this issue, which is dominated by one long action scene.  This is uncharacteristic for Robinson's stories in general but it proves a potent payoff after several months of setting up the new Doctor Fate and adding further development to this world's versions of The Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl.  Robinson's characters are real people who just happen to have unusual powers - a surprisingly rare thing in most American superhero comics, where the focus on introducing a character sometimes falls on powers and abilities instead of personalities.  Here, our heroes are still finding their footing and learning their limits and Robinson does a masterful job of revealing our hero's souls as they experiment with their new found gifts.  He also unites several of the series' subplots - such as the revelation that the disaster which turned Alan Scott into the Green Lantern was meant to kill his boyfriend and not him.

Nicola Scott is a wonder of an artist.  Most of the artwork in this issue is made up of two-page spreads which, for once, merit the larger canvas.  Despite this, Scott's fine eye for detail still shines through even in the smaller panels.  These details are expertly emphasized by inker Trevor Scott.

Earth 2 is one of DC Comics best written and best drawn comic books.  This issue is not a good one to jump on with, but I highly advise new readers jump on with the next issue.  Better yet, pick up the first story collection or grab the earlier issues on-line.  This series is a must read for all fans of superhero stories in specific and comics in general. 

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