Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arrow #30 (Web Comic) - A Review

Patient Zero, this week's web comic, allows Arrow to do its' own spin on the Outbreak style of medical thriller.  A virus as lethal as it is rare starts to wind its' way through The Glades, getting Team Arrow's attention even before the rioting begins.  It's up to Ollie to keep the streets safe while Felicity tries to find the common link between all the victims of the disease and uncover the identity of the "Typhoid Mary" who may be spreading it intentionally. 

Mary Iacono's script is fast-paced and riveting.  This issue does give us the closest thing the series has yet to an actual super-powered villain and an incredibly plausible idea for how a Poison Ivy-style villainess with a deadly kiss could work within the reality of Arrow.  We also get to see Ollie use a new trick arrow that is not outside the realms of possibility in the show's more realistic setting.

The artwork by Sergio Sandoval, apparently inked by the artist himself this time, proves equal to the fine script.  Unlike previous issues where Sandoval's pencils were over-saturated in shadows, this artwork here is clear and bright when it should be.  Sandoval is particularly skilled in capturing the likenesses of the show's regular cast, though Oliver does seem to lose his beard in some panels.  Despite this minor issue, I'd definitely recommend Arrow #30 as being worth the download.

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