Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Thief Game - Coming Soon!

SOURCE :ThiefGame.com

This was some welcome news after the end of a long day.  One of my favorite game series of all time - the game that created the first-person stealth genre - is coming out with a reboot fairly soon.

The bad news is that it's aimed at next generation consoles like the PS4, which means I'll almost certainly have to upgrade my computer to run it or by a new system outright.  And after the "good but not as good as the first two" Thief 3 that was designed entirely to meet the limitations of a console compared to a PC (i.e. load zones as opposed to large, open maps), I'm wary of the series not being PC-exclusive.  And unless my ears deceive me, that is NOT Stephen Russell doing the voice of Garrett.  And I fear I may be facing child abuse charges after I inevitably hear some younger say "Oh, this is such a rip-off of Assassin's Creed!"

The good news is... oh my god, they're bringing Thief back! 

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