Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Demon Knights #15 - A Review

It seems to be a trend this week for me to forgo summarizing the stories of most of the books I regularly review.  It seems that everyone is in the midst of epic storylines that are coming to a close or are impossible to describe without giving away the story so far..  Thankfully, Demon Knights #15 is an exception to this trend and while this issue is a conclusion of sorts, it is easily summarized and promoted with three words -  Hell Invades Avalon.

It's much more complicated than that, of course but if that idea doesn't hook you, nothing else will.  There are many wonderful character moments for all of the established cast and Paul Cornell fills this issue with his trademark humor as well as some high drama.  Fans of Cornell's Stormwatch, who haven't been reading this book, would be well advised to pick this issue up.  You'll thank me later.  Trust me.

Bernard Chang's artwork is as excellent as ever.  His pencils are unwavering in their quality and his thin inks leave this book looking something like a colorized woodcut once Marcelo Maiolo has contributed to the finished product.  Truly, this is the best looking fantasy book on the market today!

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