Sunday, October 14, 2012

Latest Arrow News From New York City Comic Con


* According to writer/producer Marc Guggenheim, Green Arrow: Year One and The Longbow Hunters were the biggest influences writing-wise on Arrow.

* Willa Holland, who plays Thea "Speedy" Queen, claimed to be ready to pick up a bow and arrow three times over the course of the panel and said she'd love to see Batman make an appearance someday..

*  Episode 3 will reportedly give us a chance to see what Laurel Lance is capable of in a fight.  As to whether or not Katie Cassidy will ever wind up in the famous costume, Stephen Arnell quipped "Katie would look good in fishnets. Let's be honest."

*  Episode 2 will feature an action sequence with machetes and rope climbing.

*  Marc Guggenheim gives fellow writer/producer Andrew Kreisberg full credit for winning John Barrowman over into being a part of the show.  Still no word on just who he's playing, save that he will be an agent of change for several of the characters.

* DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns says he can see Thea Queen becoming a break-out character and making her way into the main DCU comics ala Chole Sullivan from Smallville.

*  "Episode 9 is everything that I want for the series, because we play on the idea that Oliver is just a regular guy, and thus is vulnerable."- Stephen Arnell

* Re: Roy Harper - Guggenheim says the writers have discussed Roy Harper and how to bring him into Arrow., saying they have a pretty cool idea.  Apparently it is not a matter of "if" but "when".

* Re: Huntress - Guggenheim says that if fans like the way Deathstroke looks in the pictures released this weekend, they are going to love Huntress.         

*  China White, the villain played by Kelly Hu in Episode 2, will have her origins will be covered in the second issue of the Arrow web-comic.

* The writers have even discussed Connor Hawke, apparently.  No idea how that would work, but at least it shows they are considering the whole of Green Arrow's rich history.

* There is a new video preview of the upcoming episodes which shows several characters, including Deathstroke, The Royal Flush Gang and whoever John Barrowman is playing.

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