Monday, October 22, 2012

Dallas Fan Days - Day Three - Part Three

I call this set of pictures, Old Friends & New.

 Taffeta Darling (Two Face above) and some friends formed a group of cross-played Batman villains. 

 Jeremy and I met the day before in the line for Felicia Day autographs.  Then, he was dressed as Buddy Christ from Dogma.  Today, he was Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He took most of the pictures you see below that I am in.

 I ran into Krystal here when Jeremy spotted her from afar in the middle of a crowd.  Naturally, we had to pose a bit together for the teaming masses.  Turned out we had some mutual friends in the local costuming community yet somehow didn't know each other.  Small world, eh?.

"Look, Ollie!  I'm just like you now!"

 Artemis: Do you want the mustache on or off?
Green Arrow: Uh.. off, please.
Too bad!

 Me and Alan Tudyk, who voices Green Arrow on Young Justice.

I kept my promise to Felicia Day and let her see both costumes.  She still preferred Hobo Ollie Queen.

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