Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Requiem for Mister Terrific

It's far too late for me to save what I thought was the most innovative new title to come out of the New 52.  Now all I can do is mourn, admonish you all for not giving this wonderful high-concept book a chance and use what space I have to ensure that this title is remembered, even if only as a lost treasure that helped to set up two new titles that have gone on to greater critical acclaim. 

Mister Terrific could have been a slam-dunk for DC Comics.  Ignoring the following that the original character had from his days in JSA and Checkmate, the book would have been a perfect sell to hard science-fiction fans as well as the fandoms of other weird-science shows with Fringe, Eureka and Doctor Who.  Indeed, the first issue of Mister Terrific made a Doctor Who reference and the very last page of the final issue seems to be something of a nod to the time/space vortex imagery of the Tom Baker days.  But what really made this book the prefect complement to those series was the hero - a super-genius who used intellect and romance to combat evil rather than brute force and cynicism. 


I think it's worth noting what an excellent job Eric Wallace did of bringing this series to a close, even as he had to step-up the introduction of the character I think was clearly meant to be Mister Terrific's arch-enemy - a treacherous underling executive whose attempts to steal Michael Holt's technology result in him becoming a technopath.  A shame he couldn't last past his premier appearance for while the idea of a machine-manipulating madman has been done before, Wallace did put a unique spin on the concept.  And Gianluca Gugliotta's art continued to be excellent to the very end.


If you're a fan of the new World's Finest book (and why wouldn't you be?), you might want to pick up issues #7 and #8 of Mister Terrific while they are still in the store or pick up the upcoming trade paperback.  Not only do you get to see how Power Girl was starting out on Earth 2 but you get a bit of a preview of what led to the events of the first issue.  Fans of Earth 2 will also want to check these books out, as it appears that Michael Holt will be teleporting himself into that book within a few issues. 

Here's to you, Michael Holt.  See you soon!

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