Sunday, May 20, 2012

Batman #9 - A Review

When it comes to the most recent issue of Batman, I could be repetitive.   I could reword what I said in previous reviews about Scott Snyder's masterful conceit of the Court of Owls - a secret society with assassins called Talons, who have been secretly ruling Gotham City for years.  I could wax philosophical yet again regarding the Gothic majesty of Greg Capullo's pencils backed by Jonathan Glapion's inks.  I could do all that, but I think - on the off chance you still aren't reading this book despite my earlier recommendations - it would be more effective for me to show you this one page.  

The dinosaur we usually see depicted as a trophy in the Bat Cave?  It's a functional part of the defenses.

Funny, yes.  But more than that, it speaks to the idea that when you get right down to it, Bruce Wayne is still an angry eight-year-old boy at heart.  Because what would an angry eight-year-old boy use to rain terror and vengeance upon his enemies?  Why, a dinosaur robot, of course!

The main part of the issue showcases this epic battle as both Batman and Alfred defend the Bat Cave from a hostile army of invading Talons.  It is as grand an action sequence as you could hope to find in any big-screen blockbuster.  The back-up story is an interesting little number, which promises big changes for the status quo of the Batman universe as we go back in time to Alfred's father, Jarvis Pennyworth, and discover a dark secret that binds both the Waynes and Pennyworths together.

I've said it before and I will say it again.  This is the best Batman comic I've seen in years and it should be required reading for all fans of the genre.

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