Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life #1

GOOD THING: American writer Matthew Sturges (who is no stranger to fairy tale comics, having written Jack of Fables for most of it's run) gives us a truly unique idea with this book, as The Eleventh Doctor - charged with the impossible task of finding a fairy tale reality to visit - takes Amy Pond to a futuristic theme park that is basically a Renaissance Festival which spans an entire planet.

Naturally - because this is a Doctor Who story - things are not what they seem and The Doctor and Amy soon find themselves in deep, deep trouble.

BAD THING: Good as the story is, the characterization doesn't quite ring true at times. The Eleventh Doctor isn't usually this aware of other people's emotions. And Amy - despite her protests that she is no damsel to be rescued - doesn't really do anything for the whole issue, except complain about how uncomfortable her costume is and serve as the sounding board that The Doctor explains things to.

The Final Verdict: A solid introduction to a novel story concept. The characters seem a bit off at times but not horribly out of character.


  1. Hmmm
    He can be aware.. but usually what he does is send Pond to do the job.. or call "RORY"
    Fun Pre Doctor Who stuff:
    This It amuses me. I'm sure you have corrections.
    Part 1)
    Part 2)

  2. Re: Hmmm
    It's kind of inconsistent as to when Eleven is aware. Now that I think of it, every occasion he HAS noticed strange behavior, it involved a child...
    As for the videos.
    Ugh... those guys. I could barely understand them, but yes...
    1. The Fourth Doctor died saving THE UNIVERSE. Not The World.
    2. The Fourth Doctor did stop The Master's plan in that final story... indirectly. The Master actually succeeded, not knowing his plan would destroy the universe. The two of them teamed up to stop The Master's doomsday device.
    3. The Sixth Doctor was actually HELPED by The Master in his final adventure to defeat another evil Time Lord - The Valeyard.
    Already saw the Red Nose Day special. Thank you. :)